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MultiSport Organizations

A main Organization site that feeds into multiple sport sites, all while sharing a single user database.
Designed with your multilevel needs in mind.

Easily manage all of your Leagues from one place. All registrations flow nicely into the main Organization while still being separated from League to League.

Each League can manage their own data without affecting or having access to the other Leagues in your Organization.
Multiple leagues and sports are not a problem.

Each individual League is assigned as a particular sport. Organizations can have an unlimited amount of Leagues under their control from any mixture of sports.

Registrants (Players) that play in multiple sports can be identified at the Organization level.
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ONE database for your entire Organization.

Are you in charge of a parent Organization that oversees a sport in your State, Province or Country? LeagueToolbox simplifies your management across your multiple Leagues.

Fee, Registration and League Management are all powerful tools at your fingertips.