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Online Sports Registration has now become the expected standard.

In this day and age it simply doesn't make sense to have people filling out paper forms or attending in-person registration events.

Save time and money with Online Sports Registration.

Your new LeagueToolbox Website and Online Sports Registration eliminates the countless hours of re-entering information from those paper registration forms.

Registrants enter their own information directly into your online registration system and can pay online anytime by Credit Card.
A registration only feature is also available.

Customize your online sports registration with your own Custom Questions.

Ask any type of Custom Questions such as uniform sizes, medical info and even have people view and agree to waivers. View all of your data in sortable, and printable PDF reports or download your data via Excel export.
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Let us take care of the hassles of merchant accounts.

easyMerchant® allows your sports league to use LeagueToolBox's credit card processing for all of your financial aspects including online registration payments and online refunds.

With easyMerchant, registration funds are deposited directly to your bank account every week.

Flexibility is the key to a successful Online Sports Registration system.

Multi-player discounts, early bird and late registration fees, discount codes, donations and split payments are all configurable options. Registration for Players, Coaches, Officials and Teams can all be individually setup through LeagueToolbox.