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Secure Document Tracking

Copying, sorting and filing of documents has finally become a thing of the past. You can even print custom PDFs and game score sheets.
Track unlimited types of documents.

Birth Certificates and Proof of Player Residency are just a few types of Documents that are built directly into the system to start tracking.

Adding your own custom Documents to track is also quick and simple. The old hassle of Document tracking has now never been easier.
If permitted, parents can easily upload their documents.

You may give parents and players the option to upload their own documents from their personal profile page.

Parents and players are given gentle reminders to upload any required documents and you can run reports to email anyone who still may have outstanding documents.
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Easily view and verify any uploaded documents.

Indicating that you have verified a document is as easy as checking a simple checkbox.

View or download any document instantly with the convenient "View Document" links.
Documents are stored safe and securely.

All documents are only uploaded and viewed on Secure web pages.

LeagueToolbox and your documents are hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.
Auto-Fill your custom PDF Documents and scoresheets.

If your Organization requires print copies of certain documents this feature is a life saver.

Map any data you gather during Online Registration to any uploaded PDF Document. Then print some or all of the documents with one click.

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