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Communication is key.

Whether it's important league news or timely rainout notifications, people need to know.
Easily communicate with exactly who you need.

Very simple dropdown boxes and checkboxes make it easy to select who will receive your message.

Our straight forward WYSIWYG text editor is designed so that even the least tech savvy people will be able to send messages.
Rainout notifications.

Finally stop the chaos of endless phone calls, emails and txt messages when there are game rainouts or cancellations.

The system will automatically send email and txt message notifications to all of your Players, Parents, Coaches and Officials when you cancel games.
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Send messages based on your custom reports.

Take advantage of the many built in reports that come standard within LeagueToolbox.

Easily export all reports to PDF or Excel and send email messages to everyone listed in a report with one simple click.
Who still owes you money? Let them know.

If your league still accepts Offline payments then it is important to know who owes money.

Always know the exact balance of every player and you can send "friendly" email reminders anytime you feel necessary.

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